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Bran Castle Tour

Bran Castle Tour – a tour for everyone

Yes, the Bran Castle Tour really IS for everyone. And we’ll explain just why. It is for you if you’re a kid, a teenager, an adult or a senior. The castle is available for anyone to visit. The legends behind it make it more mysterious. Yet, many tourists decide to come back, year after year. There must be some sort of spell around it. Anyway the whole area of Bran is soaking in magic. It has beautiful views, and marvellous mountain peaks. Basically the whole area is surrounded by the Bucegi and the Piatra Craiului Mountains.

If you’re a mountain lover, find out that there are also many other interesting places to visit around. Yes, we recommend the Bran Castle Tour not only because of the fact that you’ll have a professional guide. The tour is ideal because you get all the other advantages as well. So, the guide can show you where all the nicest souvenirs are. Or maybe a really good place to eat. Or, if you’re a passionate hiker, point you to some popular hiking trails. Who knows? We adapt to anyone and everyone.

When should I visit?

Bran Castle TourThe Bran Castle Tour is available throughout the year. However, if you’d like to visit in the summer, bare in mind that the venue is usually busy. Under normal circumstances, the Bran Castle welcomes no less than 1 million tourists every day. Most of the visitors decide to travel in the summer. If you’re not a big fan of crowded places, we suggest you arrive either in spring or fall. That’s really a reasonable moment to visit because the weather is still warm. If you’d like more details on all the things you need to know before arriving, contact us and we’ll let you know.

Can I join the Bran Castle Tour with my children?

Yes, the Bran Castle Tour is very suitable for children also. They can explore the mighty castle and then you could have a nice walk nearby. You can take a look at the many toys, clothes, souvenirs and local foods that the artisans have to offer. You can also visit other children-friendly venues in the area afterwards. We’ll tell you about all the venues in the area and which ones are considered to be the best for families. Accommodation is also widely available in the area. If you’d like some help you can of course contact us and we can suggest a few places. However, bare in mind that we can’t offer accommodation ourselves. What we can offer is a full Bran Castle Tour, that you will enjoy with your friends and/or family.

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